Mondays (Quick One-Act Play)




MICHAEL’s alarm clock goes off at 5:30 am.  Light shines into MICHAEL’s eyes causing discomfort. Rushes to get dressed and forgets tie.

MICHAEL goes to the kitchen to get a glass of milk.  Pours milk into glass, but glass falls over as he pours. Shit! Milk is all over MICHAEL’s jacket.

MICHAEL goes back to his room to change into a new jacket.  Can’t find the jacket. Looks at his dresser and finds receipt from dry cleaners. Forced to wear dirty suit.

MICHAEL goes to pour another glass of milk, but the container is empty. He goes to make toast.  The ends of the bread are all that’s left.  Throws bread in garbage.

MICHAEL goes to the living room to find his briefcase. Can’t find it.  Remembers he left it in the car.

MICHAEL grabs his keys, locks the front door, opens his car door, finds his bag.

MICHAEL starts his car, but realizes he left his phone charging on the dresser.

MICHAEL turns the car off and goes to unlock the front door, but realizes he left the keys in his car. Goes back to his car and realizes he locked the keys in his car.

MICHAEL goes around back and grabs the spare key, unlocks front door, runs upstairs, grabs his phone, finds an extra set of keys, locks the door behind him, gets in his car, goes to work.

MICHAEL sighs —Mondays.

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