Tomorrow is Another Day

Before you get the chance to open your eyes and start the day, the estimate from the mechanic takes over all other thoughts in your mind.  You know you never should have tried to fix it yourself, but you constantly do whatever it takes to save some money.  Because of your mistake, you are going to have to spend even more money for a mechanic to replace the transmission you insisted on fixing.  That money was going to be used on a once in a life time vacation, but now the kids are forced to wait a little bit longer.  There’s a good chance they may never get another opportunity like this again.  It took nearly two months of working overtime and relentless budgeting to get the money together and it will be gone as soon as you sign on the dotted line.  You know you’re going to have to give everyone the bad news, but in the back of your mind, you hope they understand that you’re working as hard as you are for them.  Your wife knows how hard you work and she wishes she could help, but she needs to recover from the back surgery that finally fixed the muscle she tore from playing with the kids.  After allowing these thoughts to run rampant in your mind, you finally get up to get ready for work.

Although the transmission is shot, you manage to get the car started after 45 minutes of messing around under the hood of the car.  The trip to work takes about an hour, but today, there was a major car accident.  Luckily, you got out of the house earlier than usual, so you still have a chance to get to work on time.  As you sit in bumper to bumper traffic, you look at the birds flying in and out of the trees on the side of the road and the flowering bushes planted in the median.  It’s easy to get lost in your own thoughts during this time of year.  For a minute, you actually forget about the trouble that is untiringly harassing yourself and your family.  You roll your windows down and the warm, spring-time air brings in the aroma of freshly-bloomed wild flowers.  This aroma fills your nostrils with the memories of your childhood out in the country; during a time where money had no impact on your life.  You now realize that you are not the only thing in the world struggling to survive.  The flowers beginning to bloom struggle just as hard to break through the ground and introduce its flower to the sunlight.

You take out the estimate from the mechanic and smile knowing that one day, your kids will appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices made to keep the family together.  Just like the flowers, you will work as hard as you can and will give the children the vacation they deserve.  Your kids need you now more than ever, so giving up isn’t even an option.  One day, they’ll look back and be proud to have someone so motivated and inspiring as their father. You look up and realize you’ve only gone a couple exits, but for the time being, the weight of the world is finally off your shoulders.

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