First Attempt at Free Verse Poetry

As a heads up, this will probably be terrible. I struggle with imagery. It’s tough for me to show and not tell. I don’t like titles when it comes to poetry. As lazy as it sounds, I rely on you to connect to the poem. It’s about who/whatever you want. I don’t want a title to hold you back because I feel that would defeat the purpose of free verse.

I’m definitely looking for feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. I need something so I can learn how to improve.



Walking in, inviting

pessimistic, narcissistic,

soul-sucking, cynical

attitudes towards life,

ruining the joy, destroying

everything in your path–

with knowledge;

knowledge of how the world works.

It radiates from your skin.

I look in your eyes and–

nothing, nothing but

sadness and I want to help,

but the only way I know

how is to be just like you,

which is nothing like me.




One Comment Add yours

  1. The Kat's Meow says:

    Love it!!!


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