Inspiration For Some of My Stories


If you haven’t noticed, the top of my blog says I do fiction writing and photography. I took this last summer with my $500 nikon and edited it with Lightroom 4. I’m not the best photographer/photo-editor(?), but I don’t do it professionally, so I don’t care and neither should you. In my stories, I tend to focus primarily on nature and I like to think it is one of my strong points because I’m lucky enough to have 18 acres of land outside of New Paltz, New York. I honestly have no idea where I’m going with this post, but I felt the need to share it. Actually, I’m supposed to be writing a five page paper on Nikolai Gogol’s “The Overcoat,” but when I went to open Word, I accidentally clicked on Lightroom and here I am. Procrastination at its finest right now. If I find the time, maybe I’ll write a short story based off this picture sometime this weekend.

If you’re bored/procrastinating like I am right now, check out my flickr page. The link should be in my About Me section. Use my photos for inspiration if you like, or comment and favorite them if you’re on flickr as well.

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