One More Night

Three years ago today, Bin Laden was killed by Seal Team Six during a raid on his compound. Those who took part in the mission, and those who serve in all branches of the military should be role models for all of us if they don’t already. They have the guts to sacrifice everything for the greater good of the world. I feel we all have it in us, but only a select few are capable of actually acting upon it. That’s why I chose to not use names in the story. We’re all capable of making a difference, so I didn’t want names to hold us back from what we’re able to do.

Forgive the cliches. I did this quickly and I’m trying to focus more on the dialogue; especially from the girl’s perspective.


One More Night

“I don’t have a choice, man. I gotta go; they need me–now.”

“Well, why can’t you just spend one more night with me?”

“I’ve already spent “one more night” with you three times! I can’t keep putting it off; you know that.”


As she sat in silence, trying with all her might not to cry and be brave, her boyfriend was packing his bag, getting ready to face a new step in his chaotic life.

“Come on, don’t look like that, babe,” he said annoyed. “You’re gonna make me start worrying and shit and you know how easy it is for me to second guess myself.”

From the time he was little, he had always put others before himself. When kids were being bullied in elementary school, he stuck up for them and played with them instead of the more popular kids. In high school, he was a certified lifeguard at the local pool during the day and a volunteer firefighter at night. He was always the type to run towards danger, rather than away. He didn’t want to leave, but the urge to help others was too strong to ignore.

She knew this too, and she understood that this was a necessity for him, but she’s only human. She can’t help feeling selfish. She wants him for herself, but she’s smart enough to know how good for the world he is. People like him don’t come around as often as they should.

“Why do you want to leave so soon? You don’t have to go until the end of the month. That’s three weeks away,” she said, trying to reason with him; trying to understand why this urge is so strong.

“I told you: when I think too much about things, I second guess myself and I don’t want to second guess myself. People know me as this strong, confident man, with a will as strong as steel. If I don’t go now, I won’t live up to everyone’s expectations.”

“Is that what you fear? Disappointing people?”


“You’ve been nothing but an inspiration to everyone lucky enough to be around you, babe. Don’t be afraid of what others think. You shouldn’t do this because you think that’s what everyone thinks you should do. Live your own life.”

“You don’t get it,” he said through clenched teeth, throwing his clothes in the bag.

“Get what?”

“If I don’t go, who will? All my life, people tell me I got potential to make a difference in the world. A real difference. Why would I let it go to waste? There are people around the world who are unable to defend themselves from others and I can give them hope of living a decent life; a life where people can wake up everyday enjoying the freedoms we fought so hard for.”

“Don’t get so worked up, babe. Come here,” she says, pulling him close and lying him down with his head resting in her lap. She grabs his hand and kisses it, then asks, “What if you die? Would it be worth it?”

Without hesitation, he says, “One hundred percent. Why should I go on living such a privileged life, knowing millions of people around the world will never have the opportunity if I don’t go.”

“But what are you going to do? You’re one person,” she said confused.

“If I die, I’ll be honored. I’ll be an inspiration for others to do what I do. I need to be the example of the good humans are capable of.”

“One more night?”

“I think you got your wish, babe. Look out the window,” he said.

He pulled up the blinds and the sunrise burst through the window. She turned around and fell into his open arms with tears bursting from her eyes, thanking him for everything he’s done for her, and finally understanding why he has to go.



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