Like Wine


I’ve been itching to write a story based on this specific picture for a while now. When I was looking at the huge barrels pointing towards Philadelphia, an ominous feeling was looming over me. I purposefully edited the water to exaggerate the feeling I had, which then gave me inspiration for a hint fiction story. Do you get a weird feeling looking at this? Like can you see yourself giving the orders to fire upon Philadelphia and looking on, awfully? Yes, I just used awfully in its archaic/literal form, as in, full of awe. Never thought I’d actually use that outside of a brit-lit survey class…

Anyways, enjoy the picture and story. Tell me what you think about both.


Like Wine

“The bridge is our number one priority.”

“Look at the water, Captain. Blood.”

“No…a young Merlot.”

“Aren’t you afraid?”


“That’s what the wine’s for.”




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