The Best I Never Had

This might be the first poem that I really tried to put my heart into. I know I said I tend to shy away from poetry, but the more I try to write it, the more the desire to get better grows inside me. I think the hardest part about writing poetry is coming up with a fitting title that isn’t some stupid cliche.  It’s hard enough trying to express to the reader feelings you thought could only exist inside your head, so having to sum up those almost indescribable feelings into a title is honestly a nightmare for me. As always, any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.


The Best I Never Had

I say I only want what’s best

for you, and it’s true;

but what I thought you thought

was best, was me.


I get by knowing I don’t have to look,

but once I do, the face

that tore my heart apart,

tears my mind in two.


I say you’re better than the rest

and you say, “Yeah, and so are you.”

But the sight of you reminds me

of what we could have been,

what we never were, and

the chance I’ll never have again.


And that same sight of you reminds

me of the failure to fight for

what I wanted most in life,

and all I ever wanted—

was you.

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