On Oceans

I’m not exactly sure when I wrote this, but I found it in my writing notebook during my philosophy class. For whatever reason, the date says May 18th. Maybe I’m a time traveler. Who knows? Either way, I thought it sounded nice, so that’s why I’m posting it. Forgive the title. I really have no idea what else to call it.

I’ll try to have some sort of story (or maybe a ten-minute play)  posted by next week, provided finals don’t kill me. Pray for me.


On Oceans

Your soft, smooth skin

screams for my warm embrace.

I’m here for you;

I see you want me too,

and yet,

in those deep blue eyes,

an ocean of emotion

beating violently against your

cold heart,

slowly changing the landscape of

your mind, carves a path

through a troubled past,

where love could never prosper.

But the restless ocean

eats away at you

until there’s nothing left,

and all you see is me

and you; together—

at last.

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