Her First Time

I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I used a prompt that says to write a story that begins with, “They had nothing to say to each other.” I have planes on my mind because the Memorial Day Air Show at Jones Beach is coming up and planes are constantly flying over my house. I’m about to finish Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace and I’m attempting to write a story using his writing style, minus the subtitles. I planned on writing something really short, but it ended up turning into something bigger.

Do you want to know more about who the characters are?

Is this easy to follow? If not, what do I need to fix?

Did you have to read it more than once?

Is this believable in any possible way?

Do you like the title?


Her First Time

They had nothing to say to each other. All they could do was look at each other, acknowledging the fact that their lives would never be the same again.

“Where are you going?” she barely manages to ask through the tears streaming down her face.

She can’t quite understand what her friend said. Before she could ask again, her friend is already gone.


“You ready to jump?” he yells over the roar of the propellers.


“Too late now! We’re going!”

He jumps out of the plane, leaving his girlfriend and her best friend alone with the pilot. The pilot looks back and asks who’s next.

“She is,” she says, pointing to her best friend.

“No she’s not!” she yells back to the pilot.


“Why haven’t they jumped yet?” he asks himself, with his back to the ground, looking at the plane, waiting for them to jump.


The pilot climbed higher in the air so he could leave the cockpit and quickly see what’s going on. He sees the two girls wrestling each other with the door wide open. He tries to break the two up, but they are really going at it. The small plane hits some turbulence and launches the pilot into the side of the plane, knocking him on conscious. He hits the floor hard and rolls out of the plane, unnoticed.


“Looks like one of them finally jumped.” He pulls his chute early so whoever jumped can catch up to him and touch ground together.


“You crazy bitch! Get off me! You’re gonna get us killed!”

“Why’d you hit me! You said you wanted to do it!”

“I wanted to jump with an instructor! Not get pushed out by my best friend when I’m not ready!”

They continue to wrestle with one another and they fly through more turbulence, which throws them out the open door.


“HEY! Pull the chute out!” He screams to the person approaching him at high speed. He doesn’t realize the body is motionless. “HEY!”

The pilot crashes into the open chute and they both, unconscious now, descend to Earth.


The two girls finally let go of each other and spread out in order to pull their chutes. They look at each other and look at the plane, spiraling down to Earth, confused and wondering what could have possibly happened to the pilot. They look at the landing zone and try to find Rob.  A faint speck of orange from the chute can be seen falling fast. There’s no time to wonder what happened; the chute must have tangled. There’s no other explanation. They look back up and point to the nearby woods, knowing they’re going to have a rough landing. It’s better than having the wreck pinned on them, so they take the chance.


Breaking News: A twenty-five year girl is found floating in the river. Police say a large gash on her forehead indicates she got caught in the rapids and was knocked unconscious. Specialists say the body has been in the water for at least three days. We have more breaking news: A small plane used for skydiving has crash landed. Two bodies were found near the crash site. One person was found in the nearby woods, reportedly suffering from severe dehydration.


“So you’re saying you have no idea where she is?”


“Do you remember anything before blacking out?” asks the officer.

“She was standing underneath me. She made it to the ground.”

“Did she say anything?”

“She said something about a river. I couldn’t make it out. I guess I was still in shock.”



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