Working With Titles (Hint Fiction)

Sorry for not posting anything in a while. I want to say that I’ve been occupied, but I’d be lying. I’m trying to make more meaningful titles to stories. I feel like every time I write a blog post, I complain about not being able to come up with a title. Hint fiction is the perfect genre for titles because of the 25 word limit. In most cases, the title becomes a part of the story in order for the reader to believe they’re reading a complete story. I’m going to start writing a story to use as a sample for grad school, so I need to make sure all aspects of my writing are spot on.


On a random note, I finished reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Am I the only person that actually wished the book was longer? I don’t think I’ve read a book that felt more like a piece of art, rather than a piece of literature. I find it almost impossible trying to describe it to people, including you guys, so I won’t attempt knowing I wouldn’t be giving the book the respect it deserves.

Also, I’m graduating from Queens College in two days! I’ve never been more excited and scared in my entire life. I’ve been trying to find writing jobs on Long Island, but it seems that all the jobs are in the city and require years of experience that I don’t have…As English majors, I’m sure we can all relate, so I won’t get into it.

Now, my story.


The (Im)perfect Match


Toilet paper dangles off his shoe.

Too obsessed with looking perfect,

he doesn’t notice.


She steps on the paper,

too afraid to see someone embarrassed.


Does the title impact how you read the story?

How do you feel about the parentheses?

What would your title be?

What is more important? The title or the story? Why?



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