Free Writing

I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block for some time now. I haven’t been able to write a story without having to use a prompt since school ended. The only way I know how to break out of it is to just keep writing, regardless of how bad it is. I think for this post, I’m just going to just free write or do some kind of stream of consciousness. Maybe it’ll develop into something I can expand upon later.


The World Cup is on and a city of millions who normally look to sports for temporary relief from the hardships of life are forced to make a tough decision. The game they all love has been tainted by politics. In order to enjoy the World Cup, they must sacrifice their quality of life. Is it actually a sacrifice though? People constantly talk about loving sports more than life itself. The fact that the game is on right now proves this to be the case, for some.

An own goal: a metaphor.

A goal of their own: another metaphor, regarding resilience. Unfortunately, one can only think of it as bittersweet.

As the battle rages on, and both sides seem to be at a stalemate. The same people who protested look at their fireworks, debating whether or not to celebrate.

The men in charge know that Brazil is favored to win, and they hope it will be enough for everyone to forget, but what they don’t realize is that the same people in the stands, who are capable of drowning out thoughts in wave after wave of songs and cheers, are capable of bringing that energy to the streets, where it is needed most.

You wonder what the players think of the situation. Some must come from less privileged households. They know how hard they had to work in order to be where they are today. What if they are on the side of the protestors? They can’t boycott the World Cup. That’s all they’ve ever dreamed about.

But what comes first? Family or your own ambitions?


If there’s anything, point out what you liked best.

What is worthy of expansion?


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