Someone Else’s Smile

This post is going to be the last one of the week. I’m going upstate tomorrow to celebrate the fourth, so I won’t be able to post anything until I get back Sunday. I don’t have wifi and my cheap windows phone doesn’t get service, meaning you’ll have to be patient with me. I’ll definitely write something good for you guys while I’m up there. I’ll also have pictures and stuff because those seem to be pretty popular.

I’ve been wondering something: do you guys like hint fiction? I don’t know if I’m just bad at it or if you guys just aren’t fans. I personally enjoy it, so whether you guys like it or not, I’m going to post it. I’m just curious and looking for an honest answer.


Someone Else’s Smile

The most beautiful smile I ever saw came from a girl that I had never met before–for someone that wasn’t me, who I also did not know. I looked on, jealous, but not totally jealous. I didn’t know either one of them, so it really wasn’t any of my business staring, but I could’ve sworn the smile was for me.

It was one of those moments where you’re caught in the middle and you aren’t totally sure if the smile’s for you, but you treat it like it is anyways, you know, in case if it was for you and you didn’t respond, then you’d feel like a moron for not responding. Plus, I’m in a supermarket surrounded by people I don’t know and they would have no reason not to judge me for being so stupid.

Well, anyways, she smiles at someone and right off the bat, I’m in love. I’m not afraid to admit I fall in love at first sight. It does depend on the girl though. She has to be beautiful–and have some sort of innocence to her smile, like, she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is. This girl looks in my general direction and gives me that smile, the smile (I think) all guys fall for. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dick or one of those nice guys who are too afraid to step out of the friend zone.

Naturally, being the nice guy and all, I have no idea what to do, so I smile back. I even wave. She looks at me waving and she waves back, but there’s something wrong with her eyes. They show signs of embarrassment. Why? What did I do? I thought we had some kind of connection. She points to the guy behind me. He’s like six foot, three inches, gym rat, tan and everything.

He comes over to me, seeing how upset I am, and pats me on the back as he walks past. The girl looks at me and gives me, a genuine smile, a smile that is understanding; a smile that can drop a grown man to his knees. My knees were definitely wobbling, and she definitely saw, but I was too spaced out to recognize how stupid I must have looked.

The guy asks me what my name is, so I tell him. He recognizes me from one of my old classes at NCC. I was the kind of guy that liked to crack jokes; not to disrupt the class, but to get everyone going, to make it suck just a little less. This guy tells me he always laughed at my jokes and thought that I’d be a cool guy to chill with.

He says they’re going to a party and I’m invited if I want to come. The girl says there will be other girls like her at the party, so there’s no reason not to come. I get the address and their numbers and tell them I’ll call them when I’m leaving.

It’s been maybe twenty minutes since they left and I’m still on the ball about whether or not I’m going to actually call them. I think they were genuine when they said they wanted me to come, but the stars are lining up too perfectly. I’ve never had an opportunity like this before. Inside a classroom, I’m totally comfortable. You could mistake me for being outgoing and popular and stuff like that, but in reality, I’m so self conscious. I always tell myself it won’t get better unless I make the effort, but I don’t know. I want to go, to see if it’s bullshit or not, but I don’t want to waste my time. But, what if it’s not. I have to go. Plus, that girl could be like, a wing-woman for me.

I’m going to go. Even if I don’t get with any of the girl’s friends, I’ll at least be able to look at her, smiling at her boyfriend, or her friends–or maybe even at me. It’d be worth it.

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