Untitled Prose Poem

I didn’t end up going to the city, so I found some spare time to post something. I’m leaning towards a prose poem, so bear with me. It probably won’t be great, but you guys will be the judge. There’s no title and its turning out to be more free verse/free writing. If you want to know the inspiration, I’m looking at my fish tank. I just added some plants, adding to the world I created for these fish.


An ever-changing world is in the palms of my hands. It covers distant lands. I see you flying across the valleys, digging deep in the ground, known for the dead, but secretly full of life. Tiny microbes are doing their part, barely a cog in the machine, do what it takes to make life possible for you, like me. I gave everything light, I made the source. I made everything, after all. I provide plants, animals, a home, and sustainability. With such ability to do as I please, for my own personal pleasure, it’s possible the power to provide will take control over me. Can it take control of me though? I’m in control, or so I thought. If not me, than who? You? No, you live for me. But then again, you can say the same. The world you call home can crumble in an instant, and no one would hear anything, not even a mumble. I’m a peaceful god, so there’s no need to fear me, but you should know, I’m the reason you’re here. So enjoy my home, treat it well, everything. Every element. It all has a purpose. The purpose, I’ll admit, is you.

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