Just realized I’m two followers away from 100! Never would have thought that in less than a year, I’d have so many people waiting to see what I post. Thank you guys.

Now that I’ve subliminally told two people to follow me and make my day, I’ll get on with a poem a found in my writing notebook.



A flood of emotion rushes

through me, immobilizing me, seizing me,

and my mind goes through all the good

and bad, but I’m not hung up.

I’ve accepted that things

happen for reasons unknown to me,

and I’m okay with it.

There’s no reason to ask questions

when I know I’ll never get

the answer I’m looking for.

And instead of seeing it as something wrong,

I see it as one of life’s great beauties,

a wonder of the world,

similar to why the wind blows, or

falling trees making sounds.

I prefer the mystery left unsolved

because it keeps my mind open,

and forces me forward toward the future.

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