Quick Shout Out

Today’s my dad’s birthday, so I want to give the man that never gave up on pushing me to read the acknowledgement he deserves. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I was little, I had an entire bookshelf filled with children’s books and I never read any of them. Shelf after shelf was filled with books and I did nothing with them. It’s horrible because when I look back, I always had a creative side, but I never knew how to tap into it. He had the answer and I chose to ignore it, but he never gave up. I only started reading during my second year in community college and I only started writing during my first semester at Queens College. He just bought me a bunch of books the other day–classics–and I can’t wait to read every one of them. Thank you for being patient and thank you for everything.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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