Street Lights

On the way home from my internship in the city, I took advantage of the fact that I actually had a seat and stared aimlessly out the window. It was too dark and cloudy–along with my reflection–to see the sky, but I noticed the streetlights shining through the trees along the railroad tracks. I like to describe the light as dancing as the trees sway back and forth in the wind. The light was just bright enough to barely light up the leaves on the trees, which was really cool, so I wrote down how I felt in my notebook, and now I’m transferring it here. Hope you guys enjoy.


Street Lights


Little lights like stars

dance between the trees

in the cool, autumn breeze.

And us, sleeping, in train cars,


unaware of the beauty from something

man-made, unnatural, but familiar.


And as I look out the windows,

I see my face among the lights and the leaves.

The natural and artificial interweaves

and becomes one and grows.





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