Journal Entry: The Lobster

I found another interesting prompt. I’m not going to tell you what it is because it will ruin the story. You’re going to have to trust me on this one. I’m also doing something totally different. We’ll see how it turns out.


Journal Entry: The Lobster

10/5/2014: Today’s Sunday. Lobster shipment is arriving. Should be a decent turnout. Turns out no one wanted the lobster. Odd.

10/6/2014: No one’s ordered lobster yet.

10/7/2014: Girlfriend came in. I suggested the lobster. She bought the chicken instead.

10/8/2014: A couple ordered the lobster. Finally. Said something was “off.”

10/9/2014: Lots of people ordered the lobster. We lowered the price. Not too many left. Hold off on ordering more.

11/2/2014: One lobster left. We’re waiting for this one to go before taking it off the menu.

11/7/2014: Still here.

11/8/2014: Still here.

11/9/2014: One of the waitresses named the lobster: Bonnie. What the fuck?

11/20/2014: Still here.

11/21/2014: No one even asks about the lobster. We can’t make the dish any cheaper than it is already.

12/22/2014: Why am I talking to Bonnie like she understands me?

1/23/2015: Moved the tank closer to the kitchen, so Bonnie can see what I’m up to.

5/1/2015: Lobster is off the menu itself, but listed as a special.

7/5/2015: Bonnie is growing very quickly. Coworkers love to feed it. I do too.

12/20/2015: The owners are growing more attached to Bonnie as well, but insist she must be sold soon.

12/25/2015: Merry Christmas! Bonnie is given her own “gourmet” dinner: fish scraps.

12/26/2015: Local newspaper does an article on Bonnie. Cheesy, but it’s bringing us lots of attention.

12/31/2015: Couple from out of town orders the lobster. We forgot it was still a special. Never thought order              more. Didn’t think to lie and say we ran out. They never would have known.

12/31/2016: I can still feel the pot shaking in my hands. I haven’t touched lobster since. At least the couple liked the dish.

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