Happy New Year!

I HAVE A DAY OFF! I know I’ve been ignoring you guys lately, but don’t hate me. I’ve been extra busy with my writing sample for grad school. I just want to thank all of you that have been reading and liking my posts this past year. I never thought I would have close to 150 followers. Hopefully that trend will continue. As I look back, I can see how my writing has grown, and how I have grown as well. I feel I’m getting better after each post. I look forward to what 2015 has in stock and I look forward to you guys following me along on this journey.

This post is going to be based off a prompt. The original prompt was that the main character dies, and the comic relief character has to take over, but I’m just going to create a character that doesn’t want to be the main character. I’m not in the mood to write about death. Forgive me.

“What do you mean how?”

“I’ve never been the main character in a story before.”



“No, not whatever. It’s a big deal.”

I’ve only been the guy in the background my entire life. I enjoy it. There’s no pressure. Things are very simple. I either make it to the end of the story, or I don’t. Being the protagonist would be like learning how to get somewhere when you’re the person driving the car. You know how to get there from the passenger seat, but the little bit of control throws you off just enough so it’s like you never knew at all.

“So what do I have to do?”

“It’s not that hard. You don’t have to go out of your way to make your life meaningful or anything. That just happens. You’ll notice people coming to you for advice, and stuff like that.”

“It can’t be that simple.”

“Why not?”

Why not? Protagonists always have a goal. There’s a reason the writer puts them in the story. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a story. I don’t know who I am, or what I want to be; I’m twenty years old. I drink, smoke pot, and go to class. After class I go to work, and after work I go to bed. Where’s the story in that?

“I’m not ready.”

“No one’s ever ready. It just happens. I have to give up my spot to you, and I’m not ready for that, but it’s going to happen regardless.”

He doesn’t even realize how cliche this sounds. It’s going to happen regardless? That’s such bullshit. Maybe to someone like him, a leader, but fate made me just another guy in the background. The reader never knows my story. They know enough to decide whether they like me or not, but that’s just based on how the protagonist sees me.

Even if I’m a great character, and I get my own book, there’s never enough to work with because I was never intended to be a protagonist. That’s why sequels suck. Writers can anticipate some success, but it always surprises them anyways. And because they’re surprised, they start to write about me in the wrong frame of mind.

“Why did you choose me, though? There are plenty of other people to choose from. I wasn’t even liked in the last story.”

“Because the reader didn’t get to know you.”

“Because they weren’t supposed to.”

“Because the timing would be off.”

“What do you mean?”

“Books can expand your imagination, but the front and back covers limit you. Just because a book ends doesn’t mean the story’s over. Like Heaven, if you believe in God.”

“I don’t.”

“Well there’s your problem. It’s all in your head. You don’t have to believe in God, but you should at the very least believe in yourself.”

“I don’t know.”

He’s making a good point. I want to be the main character, but I’ve been limiting myself my entire life. But how do I change after so many years?

“I can tell you want to.”

“Can you help me?”

“I can’t. It’s on you. That’s life.”


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