What I Live For

Nothing special. Just free writing. Maybe I’ll use these thoughts for a future story, or turn them into an epic poem.

What I Live For

The brightness of the sun the day after it snows.
The smell of a summer rain.
Feeling the dirt compress underneath your hands when you finish planting a tree.
Cloudy days where it looks as if it should rain, but doesn’t.
Shadows of leaves dancing in the wind on the ground before sunset.
Golden light resting on the tops of buildings in Manhattan.
Day-old snow stuck in the trees that look like little clouds.
The first sight of something green growing from the ground you worked by hand.
Sitting in silence, letting it envelop you.
Losing yourself in a crowded bar, drunk as hell, free from life’s hardships.
The first bite of something new.
The warm, summer sun on your skin.
Laying in a hammock and looking up at the sky.
The tug of your line, knowing you got the big one.
Walking through a field of wild flowers, realizing everything is alive and has a purpose.
Feeling her hand in yours as if it was always supposed to belong there, wondering what would happen if it ever left.
Being the first person she sees in the morning.
Timing your breath to hers as she sleeps, thinking you will wake her if you don’t.
Coming out of a dark depression, not knowing if you’re better, but knowing it won’t get worse.
Smiling so hard it hurts your cheeks.
The sun’s light on the now-golden asphalt behind you while you sit in rush hour traffic on the LIE.
The hangover you get after reading a good book.
Losing yourself in a movie so similar to real life.
Your lips on mine, mine on yours, totally aware of the feeling.
You off my mind, you on my mind.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. exoligu says:

    I like your words. I like what you are living for. Partly, I find myself in these.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you can find yourself in some of my work.

      Liked by 1 person

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