About to Make a Comeback

Hi anyone that still might be following me. I don’t blame you if you don’t anymore. I know it’s been a long time. My hard drive on my laptop crashed a couple of months ago while I was interning in the city, so I wasn’t able to save any money. I still don’t have a computer, but I will next week.

I haven’t not been writing, though. I have a notebook filled with poems and stories and ideas that I will eventually start posting. To get back in game, I’m going to start with a poem I wrote the other day.


A sleepy, sepia sky with
Shades of purple sneak in as
Night slowly creeps upon us.
It wants to rain,
the sun wants to shine.
Silhouettes of the trees
dance on the horizon.
All I can do is stare, say a prayer,
Rub my hair,
And smile as it goes away,
Hoping, to see it some other day.
Because today is the day
I say to her how I feel,
How I’ve felt, it’s been surreal.
And I have no time for metaphors,
Only open doors
Where anything is possible.

He knows she knows he can’t go on
Without hearing her voice,
Seeing her smile, and
Asking him to stay a while.
No words are left to fix this mess,
Another mess.
The clouds are back and only over him.
Her eyes wander over the landscape,
Past him, he’s her past, they wander fast.
No time left, he needs to act.
He draws her in, and feels her body stiffen only for an instant.
Thunder rumbles in the distance.
He’s beating a dead horse.
She’s changing course.
No assistance, only persistence,
In order to move forward.

Everything leads up to this moment,
His moment–they’re moment,
He realizes.
And to her surprise,
She hears him out, but still some doubt,
Lingering in her eyes.
Down this road before, she knows there’s no more left,
Until he says I love you,
And she says it back.

The storm gone, the sun coming out,
A shout of joy from the boy
Is heard in woods where the field of flowers flow in the breeze.
Hand in hand, across the land, they walk.
He tries to talk, something should be said,
And she shuts him up,
Knowing exactly what he’s thinking.
They’re finally one like everything around them.

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