Two posts today, since it’s a special day for the blog. This is coming from the writing notebook. It’s fairly recent. Here’s another poem. Originally untitled. Date: 7/16.

Tomorrow I’m going to write all day and have a longer story. Keep it in mind. It should be good.


The room was so full of it
I thought I would drown,
but I looked around and
everything was the same.
My world collapsing
and no one to save me.
How would they know? I sit
and hide, I don’t try to
find some kind of peace
inside my mind.
Endless tricks up its sleeve,
I can’t believe how easy
it is to destroy yourself,
and get no help.
The pressure builds like soda
in a bottle, no control,
full throttle, and not once,
do I think to hit the break.

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