Outside the Window

I’m starting to feel a lot better now. I’m not forcing myself to write today–I want to. I don’t have to force it anymore. My mind is clear. With that said, I couldn’t really think of anything to write about, so I found a simple prompt: write about the weather outside your window. I’m not going to turn this into a full-blown story. I’m going to focus on imagery, hoping that will tell the story. Enjoy.

Outside the Window

The sun shines through the open window, bringing the breeze with it. The sun hangs low enough in the sky for the rays of light to bounce off the mirror. The rainbow sits on my chest as I watch tv. It doesn’t look like there’s a cloud in the sky. I look forward to seeing all the stars come out. I’ll look for the Big Dipper over the house.

I see the yellow light shine through the trees, dancing on the almost-ripe tomatoes. The sky is slowly turning orange and pink like the sherbert melting in my bowl. Tonight, I decide, I’ll drive to the beach. I’ll blast my favorite songs, roll down the windows, and breathe the ocean breeze long and slow. Hopefully it won’t be low tide like last time.

The breeze coming in through my window brings the fresh scent of flowers from the garden. It brings me to my house upstate where the smell of the chestnut trees overpowers, permeates, everything. Night finally takes over. I get ready for my drive, and leave the house, knowing tomorrow will be just as beautiful.

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