Seeing Each Other for the First Time

This post is going to come from a prompt: Write about two people that see each other for the first time. Instinct tells me to do hint fiction, so that’s the plan, despite the limited number of likes it seems to generate. For those that don’t know, hint fiction is a story using twenty-five words or less. I’ll write more than one, so this post can’t be seen as a cop out. Try writing your own hint fiction. It’s tougher than you would think. Hope you enjoy.

Time Will Tell

Her eyes reminded him of home.
His hair brought her to the beach, her favorite place.
When she laughs, he laughs.

Love at first sight.

Blind Date

They knew each other
the moment they saw each other.
She said his eyes gave him away.
He said it was her smile.

A New Perspective

They dated for four years.
It took only one day, one mistake,
to realize that they were
looking at each other for the first time.

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