A Cup of Coffee

This isn’t going to be the most moving story in the world. The prompt I used was to write about coffee or tea. Pretty stereotypical for a writer. I had fun, though, because I really do love coffee more than I should.

Also, I know I don’t post at the most ideal times, but I have been posting stories lately that haven’t been getting too much attention. Stories that are much better than this one. After this, take a look at some of the other stuff I’ve posted. I’m really looking for some sort of feedback. Hope you guys enjoy!

A Cup of Coffee

Black and unenjoyable. He needs to suffer a little to wake up. If he can get through that first cup of coffee, he can get through the rest of the day. It’s bitter like his attitude. But he needs it to get through the day. When you deal with people for ten hours a day, you need thick skin, hair on your chest, a cup of coffee that slaps you every sip you take. No room for milk, flavored syrups, whipped cream. He’s a believer in getting straight to the point, no sugarcoating anything. If you ask him a question, he gives you an answer.

Don’t talk to him before he has his first cup. He won’t give you an attitude, but he won’t have anything worth saying. He needs it to function. “A coffee addiction is the best kind of addiction.” Just the smell of it, like bacon and eggs, is enough to get him out of bed. He can have it at any time of day, too. At night, when he’s at his highest peak of creativity, it gets him out of bed and gets him writing. There’s no time in the day. At four in the morning, everything is at its quietest. Outside his window, the sun is down, but it’s not pitch black, similar to the first clear night after a snow shower when the moon is full.

He writes until the sun appears over the horizon. Then he prepares for his commute. Another cup of coffee, breakfast-to-go, playlist set. Every sip is well thought out. It needs to last the entire trip. When he pulls into work, he takes one final sip and starts his day. Doing this keeps him up and he doesn’t get the rush of caffeine that sometimes gives people the shakes, distracting them from work. Self control got him this far. If he keeps it up, which he knows he will, he’ll be the man his father always dreamed of raising.

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