The Grass is Greener in California

School starts really soon and I’m not totally sure what to expect. My first day is this Thursday. I’ve been talking about getting my MFA for a long time and now that I’m actually going to start the process, I’m really nervous and excited. I can’t wait to grow as a writer and learn from some of the best in New York City. I feel that everything can only go up from this point on.

For this post, I’m doing three hint fiction stories. The difference (attempt) is to have the three stories stand alone, and work as a whole. Does it work? Add to the story if you want in the comments. Remember: 25 words or less. Enjoy.

The Grass is Greener in California

Everyone’s lawn was brown and dead,
black and charred from the fires.
We moved to a spot we thought was better,
thoughtlessly leaving everyone behind.

We didn’t know the new neighbors had their lawns spray-painted.
We laughed at first, but joined soon after.
Fake as them, fake as our lawns.

Didn’t take much to forget about home.
We hope everything is well, but truth be told,
it’s all the same.
Is the grass really greener?

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