I wrote this while listening to Free (extended version) by Zac Brown Band. I don’t apologize for stealing the title. I have to write a ten page story, and another monologue based off a stranger’s characteristics for class so as soon as I get that done, I’ll post those here. The monologue is due sooner, so expect that first.

In case you’re wondering, everything is going well. I finally got my first iPhone for my birthday! I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long. School is going well. My contemporary lit class is really interesting, even though the theory side of it is incredibly tough and makes me question everything I know as a reader. We just read Jonathan Franzen’s newest book Purity. If you’ve read Franzen before (I hadn’t) it reads just like anything else he’s written (according to my professor, who has read his early works). We found Purity to be incredibly sexist and in a way childish. There’s a moment where the narrator talks about how all the literary greats are named Jonathan. Who does that?

Anyways, enjoy the poem! It’s easy to get caught up on how bad Franzen is as a writer and human being.


Free from the thoughts that plague my mind
I wish to be a kinder person,
free to float through the suburban sky and unwind.
I imagine you next to me on the beach
watching the sunset, the ocean offering to teach
us to appreciate the time we have together,
how good things come and go,
uncontrollable like the weather,
dynamic as the small sandbar we’re sitting on,
gone in a second, when everything seemed
to move so slow.
I see us in the fall, listening to the leaves
break underneath our feet, holding each other close,
my flannel’s sleeves peaking through your coat.
On the way home, we drive down the street
paved with gold from the sun,
and white-washed skies turn to sunset.
Our story longs to be told,
of how the ocean breeze, the violent seas,
couldn’t break us apart like the old oak trees.

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