Character Trait Monologue

Hey everyone! As promised, I have another monologue for you guys. If you didn’t read the first one, the monologue is based off a person I stalked in real life long enough to take note of twenty physical characteristics. The assignment comes in multiple parts. Find a person not like you, write down twenty physical characteristics, of those twenty choose five that best describe who that person is, write half a page about how they enter an empty stage, and finally a half page monologue.

I know I said that I would also post a story some time next week that I’m also writing for class, but I have a feeling, depending on how the class takes it, that I am going to turn this into my first big project. I don’t know where it’s going yet, but I know for a fact that the last place it should be right now is the internet. Don’t take it personally. I will have something else for you guys. In the mean time, enjoy!

Part One

He enters the room slowly, like something is pulling on the back of his legs preventing him from taking another step forward. He looks out to the crowd and automatically, the crowd feels bad for being there. No time to shave or do anything with his hair. His beard is full and goes down to his neck. His hair, long and brown, is messily put into a man bun. His clothes are nice, but wrinkled, thanks his commute from work. It was definitely a long day. He makes no effort to hide it. There’s simply not enough energy. Almost immediately after, from somewhere deep down, maybe the cup of coffee is starting to kick in, he paces the stage instead of sitting down and gets ready to speak.

Part Two

I’m sorry I look like death. It’s how I feel. But I knew it was important for me to be here, and important for you to see how dedicated I am to speaking tonight. I don’t want to sit because I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep on you guys. I’m sure you’re all good people, but you didn’t pay to see a fat, man-bun-wearing student sleep all night. School was just insane today. Three midterms, a paper, you know how it goes. I’m not even done. I don’t get to go home after this. I get to work until two tonight. I’m going to show up and my boss is going to freak out when he sees me. The subway was packed on the way here. No place to sit, and no ventilation. And you know how big guys sweat. The Great Lakes are currently under my arms. I’m almost tempted to ask one of you for the shirt off your back. I want to just go home. I feel as if I can sleep for twenty straight hours. The last thing I want to do is wake up at six and go back to school to take two more tests. At least I’ll be done after that. I keep asking myself if it’s worth it. I still think so, but I’m losing patience. I just want results.

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