School’s starting up soon. One week from today. I’ve been really focused on finishing the last book of Ferrante’s Neapolitan Series lately, and naturally, forgot about writing. So to start, I’m writing about one of my fish. He’s a little pleco that can never eat his algae discs in peace. Definitely not my best work, but it’s already made someone smile, so that’s good enough for me. I’m going to try to post every day until school starts. I hope I can stick to it. Enjoy!


All the others know he’s different, and treat him as such. Every day, they do something new to ruin his day, and make theirs. They’ll go around laughing amongst themselves.

“I stole it right out his mouth,” laughs one.

“Watch him try to sneak up on us,” says another. “How does he not know we see him?”

“Does he really think it’s just for him?” a third asks.

They won’t let him eat in peace. They have their own food. They all eat well, every day. They’re not hungry, they do it to laugh about it later. And they do it over and over.

He tries every day, though. He doesn’t worry about how he looks or what the others think. He knows they know he’s sneaking up on him. They don’t know he can find food elsewhere. Maybe one day he’ll show them where to look, and maybe they’ll want to be friends with him because of it.

They’re not interested today, though. They don’t even realize they’re fighting amongst themselves, chasing each other around, kicking up dust, saying cruel things to each other. It’s no longer a game, they lost themselves.

But he wakes up every day, despite the circumstances, knowing he won’t be phased by the others. They’ll laugh at him and make him suffer, but it’s only for a little while. He treats every day as if it will be the day things change for the better, for good. Each day they prove him wrong, but he keeps swimming regardless.

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