A Walk in the Woods

Wow! Two posts in one day. This one is based off a prompt I found on Tumblr: Write about three things that make time stand still for you. Try and figure out what those three things are! I also owe you guys one more post. I hope to have that done by 10 the latest. Wish me luck, and enjoy.

A Walk in the Woods

We were out walking along the leaf-littered paths on the coldest day of October. Overhead, the sky was clear, but the sun was hiding behind the trees. It was the late afternoon. We wanted to catch the setting sun before it went behind the mountains. There was no rush. If they made it, great; if not, tomorrow. Maybe we would wake up early to watch the sunrise, illuminating those same mountains, intensifying all of the reds and oranges and yellows. I brought a camera, just in case.

She had her phone in her hands, and had my headphones in both of our ears, lost in the moment, which was funny considering I had lived there all my life. Earlier that morning, we were out looking for deer and the owl who haunted us at night. She followed my lead and stayed close, avoiding the branches that were always ready to hit us in the face. I held her hand tight, I did my best to keep them both warm. The wind came from down the mountains. The trees, battle-hardened over the years, fought back and stood firmly in place. The last bit of light was finding its way through them.

I told her we were half way there, and that we needed to hurry if we were going to catch the sunset. She didn’t hear me at first. Her favorite song was playing. I could tell by how she squeezed my hand at certain parts. As it was coming to an end, we ran into a patch that I had cleared out the summer before.
“It’s for a garden,” I told her.
“I know,” she replied.

A few flowers remained. Wild roses, mostly. Everything else died after the first frost about a week ago. I bent down and found some seed pods. I broke them open and spread them around the patch.
“Next year will be even better,” I say, “now that I know what I’m doing.”
“What’s that?” she asks.
“A blueberry bush.”
“Will it make blueberries?”
“It will.”
“And can we make blueberry pancakes?”
“We can.”
We left the little spot in the woods and continued towards the back of the property. Night was coming fast. It was one of those days where the sun goes down silently, where one has only a minute or two to see the show.

The stone wall was now in sight. The hundred year old oak trees were full of color. And the light was golden. We ran to the field on the other side of the rocks. We made it just in time. the tall grass in the field calmly swayed back and forth in the now calm breeze. Their little yellow flowers catch the light just right. A hawk flies overhead looking for a last second meal to stay warm through the night. There’s still no sign of the owl. His presence will remain a mystery. But deer pop up out of the grass when we get too close, not even twenty feet away. One after the other run off in the opposite direction. We stood there in shock, not quite sure if what we saw was real. Like your favorite song, the moment was over before we could realize what had happened. Never were we more in the moment.

The sky was as colorful as the trees on the mountain. We both laughed uncontrollably. We never thought that something so beautiful could come from nothing. It was all natural. Everything felt right. We thought we would have to come back the next morning to see the sun rise. Now we could just go because we wanted to. No pressure. We walked back, my arm over her shoulder the entire way, to my house, where we couldn’t let each other go.

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