The Disused Train

Sorry I already choked with this goal of writing everyday! I skipped a day two days ago, and actually wrote this yesterday with the intentions of writing another story, but I didn’t get around to posting it here. I wrote this in Starbucks and it’s based off a picture my girlfriend chose off Flickr. The picture I’m posting on here is obviously not mine, but you definitely need to see it in order to understand what’s going on. I am going to try to have one or two more stories for you today. I’m going back and forth between this and reading before my semester starts on Monday. I know if I don’t get it done now, I’m going to have to put it off until school’s over. Enjoy!

Alright, I can’t upload the picture for whatever reason, so here’s the link instead:¬†Disused Train

Disused Train

Winter storm clouds slowly roll over the mountains into the valley where a lonely train waits to leave the empty station. Every day, people with cameras pass by to take pictures, but never stop to see what’s wrong, why the train hasn’t moved in years. Even the station itself has been abandoned to the harsh elements.

The train looks at the storm, envious of its ability to pass through the mountains. A tunnel was made just for this train. So much work was put into it, so many hours, lives even, going to waste. Where did everyone go? How did they leave without using the train? The roads haven’t been paved in years. The tracks are still in good condition. But they’ll soon be covered by the snow. And so will the train. The last thing it wants is to be forgotten, again.



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