The Rush

The third and final story for tonight! This, again, is based off a prompt. I’m too tired to think on my own right now. The prompt was simply: Write about moving quickly and doing things fast. Enjoy!

The Rush

From the moment he woke up, he found himself rushing. Rushing through the shower, breakfast, the commute, work, school, dinner, studying, sleep. There was no time to slow down, look around. Life hit him all at once. Full time job, grad school at night. Never a moment to relax, read a book that wasn’t assigned to him, watch a movie, binge watch shows on Netflix. Weekends were a time to catch up. He couldn’t even go out on Fridays.

Without work, he couldn’t function. His mind wandered when its left to sit around for a minute. He was afraid of where it would take him. He was so self conscious, afraid of judgement. Keeping busy keeps him happy.

He lived for the rush. His father told him to keep pushing forward no matter the circumstances. As long as he was putting himself in a position to succeed, he would eventually run into it by chance alone. Someone would notice. He took it to heart from a very young age. It worked to get him where he was at before the accident, but now he couldn’t slow down, not in time.

It was a typical day, getting out of bed, doing everything he could to get to work on time (by on time, I mean an hour early, to get everything in order for the day to run as smoothly as possible: water in the coffee maker, straighten out the desk, check emails and respond accordingly). He showered a little too long one morning because he stayed up a little too late and hit the snooze button one too many times. Everything was thrown off. He couldn’t handle it. He wouldn’t be late, but as far as he was concerned, his life was crumbling all around him.

He couldn’t warm up the car and had to drive with the windows still covered in ice. To save time, he checked his emails while he was on the expressway. In the middle of responding to one, an alarm went off reminding him to pick up the new necklace for his wife. It startled him and caused him to drop the phone. With the windshield still not fully defrosted and him bending down, he never noticed the car drifting into the other lane, or the patch of ice that caused the tires to slip.

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