In the Fog

Hi everyone, I liked how my story came out yesterday so I did something similar tonight. I used another picture as inspiration for this short flash fiction piece, and I think this is pretty good too. Enjoy!

Here’s the picture: 26116134450_cbafb10429_z.jpg


In the Fog

The fog looked as soft as the moss we were stepping on as we attempted to walk through the forest. It was fall, and cold, and rainy, and the leaves on the trees were all dead. The wind must have blown all the leaves away, we thought, as we stepped carefully over the fallen rocks realizing the ground was bare. There were no chipmunks or squirrels flying through the trees or looking on the ground for nuts and acorns. We were alone with no sense of where we were going. No initial plan, no GPS, no food. No sun, no moon. With night creeping in fast, and no tent, the trees too small to climb up, we found a small cave to huddle in for warmth. We had a lighter, but the branches were wet from the rain. After violently shivering for nearly the entire night, we finally managed to close our eyes. Soon after, we don’t know what—something large—made its presence known.

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