The Moroccan Doctor

I know, I know. Work and school, as usual. The good news now is that I have a good amount of material to post here. Three writing workshops this semester makes it a lot easier to post. I’ll try to keep up and post small assignments I’ve had so far.

This is going to be a quick little paragraph about a doctor that thought it would be a good idea to send a woman with her dead husband’s intestines from Morocco to Austria to see if he had been poisoned. You’ll need the article to understand so here’s the link:

The Moroccan Doctor

I wasn’t sure how she was going to take it, but I figured I’d offer her the best advice I could give at the time under the circumstances. They asked what those circumstances were. How I could even come to that conclusion being a man who had gone to school for years, who must have picked up some common sense along the way. I told them I had, and that I was insulted to be labeled as a fool when all I was trying to do was help a poor woman find out what actually happened. They asked Why did I care? Because I’m a doctor, I told them. Shouldn’t that be obvious? They said to answer their question, What were those circumstances? It couldn’t be clearer there was foul play. She said there was tension within the family. I know them all personally. We were neighbors growing up. Her father would hold my hand while we walked to the market for breakfast before work. In Morocco, the authorities would tell her to stop grieving and move on, be a better mother, think of her children. What would they think about their crazy mother, convinced and trying to convince everyone her husband was murdered? If it’s such a problem, why is it legal? No laws were violated? Why am I here if it was handled properly according to EU standards? Why are there standards? Has this been done before? What made it okay then and not okay now?


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