Here’s a poem that I wrote during my poetry workshop last semester. There are a couple poems that I wrote for that class which I’ve already posted here, but as our final project, we were required to revise them. Maybe if you guys are interested I’ll repost the revisions I’ve made. This one was one that I really liked that needed to dive in deeper into the character’s mind. It needed to become more personal. Hopefully I’m getting close. I feel like it’s still a work in progress.


There are riots in the street,
looting of stores and flags burning.
For once, I don’t feel sorry.
Frustration explodes
in the sea of thousands,
destroying everything
in its path, leaving behind:

windows smashed on Broadway,
and rocks laying silently;
fires burning bright, and
singed nostrils from the scent
of burning rubber;
tear gas stings our eyes, leaving
a salty taste on our tongues;
a brick wall, the divided nation,
splits us apart,
forcing us to choose sides;
shots are fired, but only rubber
this time.

In eight years, the knot stayed
unraveled, they’d finally left it
loose to hang around my heart.
In one night, they let it slip
tight around my neck again.
Who knows when—no…
Who will just leave it

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