Prose Poem

I hate prose poetry, but maybe I like this? I had to write one for a tiny text class and came up with this in a fit of writer’s block. To get out of it, I decided to just write how I felt about the genre, or lack of genre(?), instead. So tell me: Do I like this?

Prose Poem

I don’t know whether or not a prose poem needs to look more like prose and sound like a poem or look like a poem and sound like prose, or if there’s a difference between the two. And what’s the difference between prose poems and free-verse poems? Whitman, who some say is the founder of free-verse, but before anyone else knew what to call his work, would write lines that went on and on that took up two lines, a concept that still doesn’t make much sense to me. Were the original editions these giant books where one line could be one line or were they the standard size we see today? And what’s the meaning behind one line that takes up two lines or one long line if, at the end of the day, we know that it’s all supposed to be one line? Could it just be two lines? What does that change, and how? The fact that there are no rules makes me want to say this is dumb. I feel dumb writing this, but there’s something pleasant about just writing, eliminating genre. I feel a flow, but it could just be bullshit. Should I indent this, or include a title? What if I don’t?

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  1. I’m not sure if the “So tell me: Do I like this?” was rhetorical, but I’m going to answer anyway because I wouldn’t be able to comment if it was. I don’t think you do. The continued questioning throughout the prose? poem? lends itself toward a lack of conviction that is usually present when enjoying something. Then again, I’m not entirely sure what a prose poem is and I’m too lazy to google it right now. Really thought provoking, though!

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    1. I have so much trouble with prose poems! They’re definitely a love-hate genre for me. The final question could be interpreted however you want because these are all genuine questions I have. My main concern though is how does one make it more poetry than prose, and who decided that that’s how they work best?

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