Some Changes

I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but my blog has gone through some significant changes recently. As usual, I’ve been unable to keep my promises to write every day, and as usual, I have an excuse: I did just graduate and I had plenty of time to write, but my focus was primarily on finding a job. Well, I did. I’m now writing for a tech company full time. It’s not the job I expected, but I’m learning g to love it with every day I go into the office. Everyone around me is a huge help and I know I’ll succeed. 

So what’s up with the changes, and why haven’t I addressed them? I wanted to turn my blog into something new. It felt necessary after graduating. I’m writing lots of stories and submitting to places whenever I feel confident enough in my stories. I’ve had no success yet, but if I do get published, you will all be the first to know. 

So since I’m in the process of trying to become an author, I wanted to help other people get their work out there. I know my blog holds no weight, and having your own story being accepted by yours truly will not make your own journey much easier, but I feel like we can all use a confidence boost every once in a while. I think it’s nice that people like my stories. 

I want to turn my blog into a place where we can submit to and maybe it sparks a new idea, or someone who knows someone sees it, and you become rich and famous and I become rich and famous too. I’ll always submit my own stories while you all work up the courage to send me yours, so there’s no pressure or hard feelings if you ultimately choose not to post. 

I’m also going to be posting stories with a featured image now to act as “book covers” so if you want to submit, submit a picture along with your story and make it meaningful. 

You guys can expect a steady stream of stories in the near future. I’ve been building them up so I hopefully don’t run out and there’s a long break where I don’t post. I am trying to get a schedule going. I’ll keep you all updated on what I’m doing and how my writing is going. I’ll have a story posted either tonight or tomorrow morning. 

I’m excited to see where this blog goes from here. Let’s turn it into something really special. I’m counting on all of you!

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