Her Last First Date

This quick story came from a prompt that was supposed to be about the perfect first date. I decided to switch it up and put a little twist on it. It’s hard to talk about it without ruining it. You’ll see my intentions are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll let the story do the talking.

Her Last First Date

I’m going to take her to a very nice rodizio place first. I’ve been craving it for over a year now. It felt right to wait for an opportunity like this. It’s not one of those things I could do alone. Apparently the owners of the restaurant in Mineola opened a new restaurant on Sunrise Highway. I’m not the type of person to break routines, but I figured the new place was closer to both of us.

I’m going to take her for a long drive down Ocean Parkway after. Maybe we will walk around if the parking lot is open. We could always sneak in, which would get her adrenaline pumping. I’ll force her to stay close to me whether she’s aware of it or not. I’ll grab her and pull her in close if she doesn’t get the hint. Women love confidence.

I’m going to take her for ice cream after the long walk. I know she’ll say it’s okay and that she’s full from dinner, but she needs to know that I have money and I intend to spoil her. Two scoops of whatever she wants, in a waffle cone. I won’t get anything. I want to watch her eat it slowly, with tiny, little bites that won’t mess up her makeup.

I’m going to take her back to her place when she says she’s too full to eat another bite, then drive away before she can get out. I’ll calm her down and tell her that it’s okay, and that I have one more surprise for her. She’ll ask where we’re going, and I’m going to just sit there and drive quietly through the dark streets towards our final destination.

I’m going to take her to the drug store to pick up some Pepto for her stomach. She really shouldn’t have eaten the ice cream, but it wouldn’t be a date without dessert. There’s an open-twenty-four-hours Dunkin’ next door, and I’ll go in for some tea. I’ll watch her close her eyes. The car will be stopped on the side of a dark road with no lights so no one sees us, wakes us up, and startles her. I don’t want her afraid of me.  And when we wake up the next morning she’ll have no idea what happened; I hope she remembers me. I’ll tell her the truth: that nothing happened, that I didn’t want to wake her up. She needs to know she can trust me and she will. “I want to go home,” she’ll say.

I’m going to take her out again, but I won’t be able to leave her. I know I can be obsessive, but women want to see real commitment. I can’t have her thinking I’m going around cheating. She would much rather me outside her house. Plus, it will look like I’m protecting her, which is a good thing. The world is full of scary people. I could never be a woman.

I’m going to take her by surprise when she walks out her front door. Our date isn’t for another two hours, but she is going to see how excited I am to see her and her smile is going to make all the difference. I told myself this will be the last first date she ever has; I intend to keep my word.

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