When Two People Fall in Love

Two posts today! Consider yourselves lucky! I wrote this very quickly during a conversation with someone special. Normally, I save these poems for her, but I want to post this one so I am. Something clicked in me while we were talking and I felt a little bad while writing it because I was going back and forth talking to her and trying to find the right words, which is never an easy task. I couldn’t forget these feelings though, so I felt obligated to write them.

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When Two People Fall in Love

When two people fall
In love with each other,
They’ll never understand
Why or how. They’ll want
To know what it is or
What they see, and what
They’ll never realize is that
When they look close
Enough, their faces become
One, they see themselves
In each other, interchangeable.

They see the best parts
Of themselves, their innocence:
Long days on the beach
When they were children,
Letting the waves crash
Into their tiny bodies,
Baseball in the park,
Swimming in the public pool
(And actually enjoying it),
The last day of elementary school.

They see the versions of
Themselves, when they dreamed
Of being firemen, police officers,
Marines, astronauts, doctors.
The unattainable is now attainable.

When two people fall in love
And they look deep enough,
They see the flaws, but
They embrace them, they’re
All in, they love each other,
But only as much as they love
Themselves. And if they love
Each other as much as they say,
The eyes will tell no lies,
And to their surprise,
They can visualize the world
They had always dreamed of.

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  1. littleaprilshower says:

    I’ve never read anything more true ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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