The Girl in the Grey

I was asked to write about something other than me observing stuff because it wasn’t as creative as my normal work, so I took the liberty to observe her doing work in Starbucks.

The Girl in the Grey

The girl in the grey
hoodie with white strings
dangling down as she types
leans over her laptop to see
what the boy across from her
is writing about.

The smile on her face
tells him she knows he’s writing
about the two of them,
probably on an adventure in the city,
probably dreaming of the house
the boy wants to buy
for the two of them.

Maybe they went to a friend’s
apartment; they’re that age
where it’s time to take things
seriously, if they aren’t already.

It’s tough to tell if they’ll live
in the city or out in the country,
or both, but most people choose
one place or the other.

The  boy’s a hipster,
but hipsters can go either way:
they do whatever’s trendy.

She, though, might be
a country girl dreaming
of a big house by the lake,
near the mountains,
huge gardens, or a small farm,

but she’s sitting in Starbucks,
so it can also go either way;
she won’t find this in the country.

They’re the type that they’ll be
happy no matter where they are,
whatever the cost,
they’ll do it all to make
wherever they end up paradise.


Don’t forget to submit your own work if you’ve even considered it for a second. If you have comments on mine, feel free to leave them. I want to turn this blog into a community space for all new writers. Let’s make it happen.

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  1. Who’s this about? 🙂

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    1. i don’t knoww….


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