I had a very productive day at work, but not in the sense that you’d probably think. It was actually a very slow day, which ended up being great because I kept myself occupied by writing a small handful of flash fiction stories.

I got a really nice notebook alongside my fountain pen for Christmas, so I’ve been using it exclusively for short stories. I’ve been keeping each story to about a page. It’s a small notebook so this will read fast.

I’m off tomorrow so I’ll be spending most of the day coming up with more stories like these. Hopefully this creative streak keeps going. Fingers crossed. Here’s the first story I wrote today.


We both knew it was over, but we continued to sit around the fire as if nothing had changed.

I kept to myself while she kept her back towards me. She was never afraid; she must have accepted her fate early on. We’d only been together for about a year.

It had to come to an end. Hiding was no longer possible. I thought the best spot would be in plain sight, but this was a new age; we were all getting older and wiser; there was no such thing as the unfamiliar anymore.

I had a decision to make: I could give her what she wanted, or I could let them take her. Either way, I was losing everything.

“You better run,” she said. “I can hear the dogs.”


Side note: I didn’t forget about the Walden Erasures, so if you’re all still interested, let me know and I’ll make sure to post some. For now, I’m going to stick with shorter stories because I’m really finding it easy to come up with ideas and I don’t want to ruin that.

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