NY Stock Exchange

I hope everyone had a happy New Year! I wasn’t able to post anything, but I kept my word and wrote tons of stories for you all. They’re all a little different and all around the same length.

Expect another story tomorrow and for the rest of the week, and even into the weekend! Let’s dive in.

NY Stock Exchange

I can’t stand the way you tease me. The sun reflects its light off you in a way that makes everyone stop and stare. I’m sure it was your original intention. You scare me, but I know your beauty is just a mask. The ugly always finds a way out. You will crumble.

No one else knows your secret. I stare at you out my window while I work. You’re nothing but a distraction. When I tell my coworkers, who no longer notice you, by the way, that I don’t like you, they act surprised.

So many lives lost trying to win you over. Blood pours through your cracks, soaking everyone who tries to gain the upper hand on you. Will you ever tell them it’s impossible? Look at what you’ve done to me, and not an ounce of remorse from you.

My family won’t look at me. “You gambled with our lives, not just your own. We’re all worse off because of you,” my wife said with my little girl in her arms as she walked out the door and never came back. If I told you I’ll jump, will you stop me?

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