Funny story. I had another story lined up for today, and while I was adding to it, I realized I was really enjoying how it was coming out. I think, with a strong enough revision, it could be worthy enough of submission.

I’m going to do just that, and if I don’t like how the revision goes, I’ll post it here. For now, here’s another story I enjoyed writing recently.


A small boy and his german shepherd were walking through a heavy snowstorm together. Zeus was a retired police dog; his parents trusted him entirely. He looked more like a bear than a dog.

The boy, only nine, was small for his age. His classmates reminded him often about it. When he comes home with cuts and bruises on his face, Zeus remembers the scents of the children left on his torn up shirts and pants.

On the streets, the boy was untouchable. No one had the guts to go near Zeus. Some older kids yell from across the street, but nothing more. The boy would drop the leash and send them running for their lives, knowing Zeus wouldn’t leave his side unless he said “Go.”

One of these boys, tired of watching his friends be made fools of, tried to make a name for himself. He crossed the street as Zeus stared him down. He got right in the small boy’s face and said he wasn’t afraid of the dog. When he didn’t get a response from the boy, holding zeus by the collar now, he grabbed him.

Zeus knew this older boy was one of the boys that made his owner’s life a living hell. He smelled his scent from across the street. When he saw the arm reach out, he bit down as hard as he could, fueled by the blood trickling into his mouth, breaking the arm in his jaws.


As always: If you have a story you’d like to submit, click the Submissions tab for more details. Thanks for reading.

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