I have a poem for you all today, but not one of mine. My girlfriend, who happens to be a natural writer, but doesn’t always like to think of herself as one, wrote a beautiful poem without me knowing and sent a very formal email requesting publication.

I, being as fair and balanced as I am, passed the poem along to my team of editors, who, after careful consideration, were proud to accept “Commitment.”

In all seriousness, I’m beyond thankful for everything she writes me because I know it’s not natural to her, and writing anything for even one person can make the most confident person in the world feel like everyone’s staring and judging.

To be okay with posting something online is a huge deal, and it took me a while to seriously commit to this blog when I first started, out of fear that I wouldn’t be good enough. What I learned is that you all are an accepting audience who, I’m sure, all remember the same feelings.


By Emily McNally

“I’d love to live there – for a little while.”

Everything had to be temporary.

Jobs, homes, friends, hobbies.

Commitment wasn’t her strong suit.

Guaranteeing that something would last felt insincere.

How could anyone know for sure what the future would bring?

Being a Gemini didn’t help either – her desires were constantly

being pulled in opposite directions.

She struggled constantly with the fear of getting bored.

To her, life was all about cramming as many experiences as

possible into however many years she was given.

There was one commitment, though, that didn’t scare her.

Actually, it was quite the contrary.

The thought of spending forever with him made her crave the


She was already picking out furniture for whatever apartment

they would eventually end up in together.

The thought of a ring on her left hand made her feel nothing but

pure anticipation.

The girl who had trouble committing to a particular nail color

at the salon was ready to say, “I do” to the man of her dreams.

Funny how something so trivial can bring on so much anxiety, yet

something so permanent can elicit the utmost tranquility.

He would be her biggest, and easiest commitment.

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