Music and Writing

Did anyone else just have their life ruined by This Is Us tonight? If you’re living under a rock and haven’t watched it yet, or you’re the type that’s avoiding it because everyone else is watching, try it out — especially if you’re into sad, genuine, original story lines.

This piece has nothing to do with the show, although I did quickly write my thoughts on it. I’m sure I’ll share those thoughts some other time. I’m sure with time, I’ll be able to think more clearly. For now, here are my thoughts on music and writing.

Music and Writing

I’m listening to folk pop and questioning genre as a whole. My writing professors would be proud. How could folk pop exist? They feel like they should be polar opposites, but I’m drawn to every song. I repeat every song over and over, finding bits and pieces of my self, my memories.

There’s not much of a difference between music and writing. The goal is to express yourself clearly. Before writing, people used their voices; people sang to remember.

When I listen to music, which is always written somewhere, and write, I either get fully absorbed in the song, and whatever I’m listening to ends up on the page, or I find a way to write with the rhythm. Even if I’m copying what’s already been done, I have proof I’m absorbing something beyond my expertise.



If you’re interested in submitting your own work, see my submission guidelines. You can see with this post that I’m not only interested in fiction or poetry. Creative nonfiction and essays are welcome too. I mean it when I say I’m open to everything. Don’t hesitate.

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  1. Elle Nguyen says:

    This is Us!!!! The best piece of television that invokes genuine emotion.

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    1. Yes! It’s in a league if its own right now!

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  2. I was taught that when writing a song one would wish to make the images as universally applicable as possible, to appeal to the widest possible audience and celebrate their worlds,, while with poetry what’s wanted is specifics, to draw the reader into your world. Something to consider, anyway.

    Couldn’t find your writing guidelines, but here’s a poem — shoot me a line if/when you use it:

    Ciao Bella, Ana

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    1. I would argue with music writing that you want to cater to whatever genre you’re in. I prefer music that tells a story and is focused. If it goes too universal, it loses meaning. The song becomes anyone else’s song. I listen to understand why the singer, specifically, is singing it.

      Also, your poem is absolutely beautiful and I posted it on my blog. Thank you so much for submitting and don’t hesitate to submit again in the future!


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