Any migraine sufferers here? I had a bad one yesterday, and I was going to post this in the midst of it, but it was hurting too much to even look at my phone or computer with the brightness all the way down. I think I wrote this while I had another migraine, too.


His head throbs as if someone’s taking a hammer to the back of his skull over and over while he lays in bed hoping the pain won’t force him to get up, walk to the bathroom, and throw up.

He has to relax, but the pain makes him lock the muscles in his neck and jaw, similar to when one wants to stop a foot cramp. Biofeedback is supposed to help by first identifying what hurts, and then trying to calm down, but he counts the throbs like counting sheep, and instead of sleep, he focused on the beep from his smoke alarm that still needed a new battery.

The throw up in his mouth burned everything in his path. He held it in to avoid the head rush that might make him faint. It burns all the way back down too. When he instinctively shakes his head in disgust, the pain doubles; when the pain doubles, the need to throw up doubles too.

His medicine only masks the pain with terrible side effects that leave him dizzy and on another planet. He feels isolated from the rest of the world. No one else knows the pain. All he can do is wait, but sometimes that’s not a guarantee. It could take days, and even then, it would linger in the back of his head.

He’ll get up soon because he knows he has to. He’ll get the rush, and it’ll be a similar feeling to getting high. When he smokes, he can hear his ears ringing, which is usually the sign it’s working. It’s the only thing that helps, but he can’t be high all the time. There will always be a back and forth between pain and bliss with no in between.



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