Date Night

I have another submission for you all tonight! This is another long poem, but it reads very quickly. It’s about a first date, and how it complicates another relationship. It appears to be a situation many people are familiar with on the surface, but you’ll see how it stands out.

Date Night

By Omar

We entered together, some high-end place.
“Card’s alright, right? You guys accept Chase?”
“At least they said yes,” I thought about him.
We sat down; I grabbed the ring, thinking “When?”

I took it out and asked; he said, “Not now.”
“What’s wrong with now? If it’s not where, then how?”
“I just don’t want to have this talk today.”
I got up to leave — “Wait! Don’t go! Sit, stay.”

Some kid walked in then: a table for two.
He sat down alone, looking mighty blue.
Chris, he said his name was, to the waiter.
Alone for now, he would not be catered.

“Hello,” he began, “Is Ms. April here?”
Eyes wide, smiling, but with a tinge of fear.
“Please,” he continued, “If you hear me, speak.”
“I’ve had this reservation for two weeks…”

“He got a reservation here? Really?”
“This kid got a seat…in New York City?”
“He wasted some cash for her not to show.”
“How’d he pay for it in the first place, though?”

I heard the crowd grousing, but I was shocked.
“Imagine coming here, just to get mocked.”
My partner Thomas nodded, “I feel…bad.”
“Look at him, all dressed up: denim, boots, plaid.”

It’d been some minutes, but no one replied.
Then, a woman, she sat down by his side.
“Hello, I’m Ms. April,” I heard her say.
Her smile warm and bright, her eyes bluish-grey.

She looked to be older, thirty, maybe.
But young at heart, in her hair: a daisy.
“Well,” Thomas sighed. “Aren’t they a cute couple?”
“Yes,” I agreed, lacking a rebuttal.

“Oh, do you mean it? This is my first date!”
“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Sorry that I was late.”
His face lit up with joy, brightened by cheer.
Why, I had even thought I’d seen some tears.

So, they babbled, as folks are wont to do.
“I can’t believe that you’re here with me too!”
They said it together, at the same time.
Strange what can happen with a glass of wine.

But they looked happy; that’s what mattered most.
To them I raised my glass, clinked, made a toast.
“To the happy couple,” is what I said.
“Let’s hope it lasts,” came from my partner’s head.

The crowd joined in; it was a lively night.
The couple left soon, traipsing out of sight.
“I wish them luck, health, happiness, and time.”
Then I heard wedding bells begin to chime.

So, very drunk, my partner dragged me out.
Then, he declared, “What was all that about?”
“Thomas, we’re thirty. We’re finally grown!”
“Why won’t you make this house of love a home?”

“You saw them, and their smiles. Where is that spark?”
“Do we have that? Why keep me in the dark?”
“Isaac, why are you always this stubborn?”
“Of course we still have that, for you I yearn!”

“Well Thomas, why aren’t we married yet, then?”
“I-I wanted your father’s permission.”
“What? You’re joking right? It’s twenty eighteen.”
“I just thought that — I thought I’d try and see.”

“This whole month — this is why you’ve made me wait?”
“Yeah, it’s why I took you out on this date.”
“I was going to tell you halfway through.”
“Before we, you know, started to argue.”

“Ah, I see. Well then, I guess I’m speechless.”
“Yeah, to be fair, talking now is needless.”
I just smiled and reclined into my seat.
“Oh yeah, whatever. Let’s go home. I’m beat.”


Omar is a second year university student. He studies philosophy as a major, and writes poetry in his spare time. You can find more of his work on his blog Neo-Hellenic – Ancient Ramblings, Juxtaposed with Modern Inanity


If you’re interested in submitting your own work, please see my submission guidelines for more details, and check out the Submitted Works section on my blog to see what other talented writers have submitted.

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  1. Fantastic, enjoyed very much!😊

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      1. You’re quite welcome


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