In Order

I wrote this at work, overhearing a conversation I probably shouldn’t have been listening to, and immediately thought this has to be written down. I was hoping it would help me understand what was actually said, but it didn’t. I still can’t see this as a good thing.

In Order

There was a brief pause. She lifted her head up slowly. His stayed down: broken, defeated. When she opened her eyes, returning from the church they were married in, and saw his hunched over figure, her lawyer from across the table said, “Congratulations. You’re officially divorced.”

The lawyer’s smile bothered her; her tone was too happy; she was still married. She was happy — for me — and meant well, I’m sure, but there was nothing to congratulate.

It was done. That would be all. A thought came to her head while she fumbled in her pocket for the note she had written the day before, when her spirits were a little higher. She left it there, and walked out slowly.



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  1. Deb Whittam says:

    My partner said the same thing happened with his divorce. The lawyer was way too happy. Perhaps they think it is bringing freedom for one of the partners?

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    1. I’m sure in many circumstances there’s a sense of freedom — especially if the marriage was an abusive one; however, there is an inherent sadness when one thinks about what marriage is supposed to be about in the first place.

      To lawyers, they see this stuff every day so they’re desensitized to the emotions that come with ending a marriage. To them, you’re just another client. They’ll see many more later that day or during the week. It’s unfortunate, but also what it is in may other professions.


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