Suspect and Fated Steps

I have two poetry pieces for you all today. Anthony Gorman, aka Grumpy Gorman, reached out to me with a handful of amazing pieces. It was really tough to limit myself to only two, but I think you will all enjoy these.

His work requires a couple reads, but in a very good way. Don’t just read them in your head either. The poems stand out the most when you read them out loud. His work made me feel like I was in grad school again. All I could wonder was how could he do this and how could I incorporate this way of thinking into my own work. I hope you feel the same!


By Anthony Gorman


Do you miss it?

Sipping plain tea
when cool breeze

freshening sleep’s
trace, peaceful
yard lit,

embrace, with

ever torn
in crowded

Fated Steps

By Anthony Gorman


Groomed to
plunge steep in raw
wounds of unlovables,

knocked for cancers
reaped, in cheap

frayed silks
patch twitched
veins in doomed,
aged eyes,

’till slumber’s
lull binds me–
too late.

Anthony Gorman is primarily a writer of self-deprecating, introspective micropoetry while casting a wide net on topics ranging from mental health and addictions to relationship storms and the humbling and soul-testing experiences of being human. Much of his writing draws from 20 years of social work experience, engaged mostly with marginalized street living, formerly incarcerated individuals along with his own struggles, and living with bi-polar disorder. His words are uncomfortable, yet often relatable.



If you’re interested in submitting your own poetry for National Poetry Month, or if you’d like to submit something from any other genre, please see my new submission guidelines for more details!

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