The Trees

I wrote this after watching an episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix yesterday. If you’ve never seen it, they focus on world-renowned chefs and the restaurants they run. This episode took place in Sicily.

The chef talked about how almonds were becoming more and more scarce, which was a direct threat to his pastry shop that specialized in almond granitas. When these things happen, the effects linger for a lot longer than anyone expects.

I wanted to highlight that in this story. I wanted to show that one thing typically leads to another, and before we know it, life as we know it is forever changed.

The Trees

There’s nothing left. They say no one saw it coming; they say there’s nothing to be done. It was bound to happen. They know that’s not true. They’re not sorry. Sorry they couldn’t keep doing what they were doing, maybe.

An entire way of life is over. There are people who let it happen. There are people who are the cause. There are people who saw what was happening and do nothing. Which one is more wrong than the other?

They were in trouble from the start. All they had to do was take a little less, let a few stick around. The worst part about this is that they’ll move on to something else. The trees are only the beginning.

What they don’t realize is that the trees are the source of our livelihood. They hide the animals we eat. They give us fruits. They keep the grounds along the mountains in place. Where will all the dirt go?

Without the trees, we can build more houses. Yes. That’s true. But the hills aren’t stable enough to support them. They’ll have to build around the edges. When it rains, the mud slides will wipe everything out in their paths. Many lives will be lost.

But who, aside from the dead will lose? Not those who lose their houses. Everyone else loses, because they’ll want to rebuild. They’ll take all our money. All kinds of projects will pop up. There will be more traffic, more noise, and more congestion.

Finally, when the mountains wash away, when there’s no more food, when the water’s all polluted, when we’re fighting with each other for more space, more money, more jobs, more food, and more water, they’ll come for us. They’ll take everything.

Everything except those who started with the trees. They’ll be long gone. There won’t be a reason for them to stay. They’ll do it again and again and again. And it’s not just here, but everywhere. People like them are everywhere. There’s no stopping them.



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  1. That’s the trouble with humans. We want beautiful, picturesque places to live – but we also want industry and cars motorways. The duality of life. 😊

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    1. We can’t have it all no matter how hard we try. Thanks for reading!

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  2. kenza says:

    If I may, this is the post I wrote about it in my other blog dedicated to recipes and art: You may like it. Thank you. Kenza.

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  3. kenza says:

    I watched that episode as well and loved it. I love how he spoke of beauty and simplicity. Thank you for this post. Kenza.

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    1. Thank you for reading! I love the show and I love how most of the chefs tend to focus on the simple things. Quality ingredients can go a long way — and that goes for writing too!

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