Thin Branch

I have a new poetry submission for you all today. My good friend Cam, who I used to work (read: suffer) with at Target, reached out to me with an amazing poem. He used to show me his work all the time and I was always amazed at the talent he has. I’m honored to be able to help him get his work out there.

If you want to see more of Cam’s work, you can check out his Tumblr, follow him on Twitter at @burnt_paradise, or on Snapchat–if watching Dominicans eat and obsess over cereal is your thing–at diptnbuttered.

Thin Branch

By Camil Carvajal

Can’t help but feeling
like the feeling’s back,
but I ain’t no stranger to this brand
of self-inflicted sneak attack.

I see this fire slowly being lit,
got me ecstatic and
I’ve lived how fucking quickly
this warmth can become a burn…
Now I ain’t saying I don’t trust you,
don’t think I’m insane;
but remember, what Midas touched
was never again the same.

You’re like this thin branch
that I’m standing on and
DAMN I fucking love it.
Floating aimlessly in space
but cool cuz now I’m in your orbit.
Lord knows nights like we had
may be few and far between…
Now look at me,
writing all this weird shit,
in a weird spot feeling like I know my way
’round somewhere I’ve never been.

But, know what?
Fuck it, to hell with this fear, shit
I been falling off of branches for years.
The way I see it,
no reason I shouldn’t bask
in all of your Sunshine, my dear.



If you’re interested in submitting your own poetry, or work of any other genre, please read my submission guidelines for more details. There’s no fee, no deadlines, no pressure, and no reason not to.

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  1. ELLE says:

    I like how conversational it is! A great piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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